Friday, June 13, 2014

CELL-ful Life

Cheers! Listen to my story as I try to make this poetic
And not to reach the point of being sarcastic
I’ll just warn you now that into slumber do not fall
Because my head is actually as hard as cell wall

Oh how great my “leader” friends are for they are the nuclei of our circle
The rest of us are just like rough E.R., staying close to them, together we giggle
The minds of my parents are actually cell membranes
They don’t easily believe things through boons and banes

My vacuole friends, I love them honestly
For in times of help, they’re always ready
Golgi Apparatus and proteins are some of my “friends” and me
They just receive me when needed; when they don’t, they leave me

God is my sustainer, my mitochondrion
He keeps on loving me, telling me to go on
Jesus is my lysosome who destroyed my evil, inmost being
And restored the new life in me, keeping me from sinning

This is a poem I wrote for our Biology class when I was in my final year in high school. This really brings back memories.  

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